Understanding infant and Early Childhood Brain Health and Overall Wellbeing

By Dr. Karen Molano, Psy.D., IFECHMS

Who would have thought that a child’s little brain could be influenced by so many factors! From the moment of conception to about the age of three, a child undergoes an incredible period of development! Upon birth, the first three years of life constitute the most sensitive period for brain development. Did you know that children under the age of three are forming about 700 brain connections every second? The experiences that children have during this time will shape the structure of their brain, building connections that will allow your child to develop many lifelong skills! So, what does that mean?


Those brain connections allow for communication with others, problem solving, relationship building, and self-control just to name a few! Research has shown that relationships build strong and healthy brains! How incredibly wonderful is it to know that every time we have these precious interactions with children, that we are actually strengthening their brain development! And the quality of relationships has a MAJOR influence over which brain connections take place and the strength of these connections. Every single early experience matters, no matter how big or how small!


It is these ongoing interactions that will make a radical difference in our children. These brain connections affect the way learn, the way we think, how we manage our feelings, and define how we interact with others. We can choose to strengthen those connections in the right direction or risk them heading toward the wrong one. We hold the key to laying a foundation that shapes how a child will develop into the adult years; not to mention, those beautiful interactions can really impact us directly. But it doesn’t stop there! Brain development is also affected by how we take care of our body, what we put into it, and our environment! Because one pillar of health is off, the mind, body, and spirit can fall out of optimal balance.


You see, when you engage in these amazing interactions with children, all sorts of brain chemicals are being released that make us all feel a certain way. But where do all of those chemicals come from? The body still needs to be able to produce them in order to use them, and the more we are able to nourish our bodies and provide them with what they need to thrive, the better we will feel. Key is to produce the chemicals we need and find the best ways to release them in a way that optimizes our JOY and wellbeing! It is a combination of the physical, the nutritional, the environmental, the spiritual, the emotional, and the social! And what a gift it is when we are able to incorporate different ideas, tools, and techniques to give our children the best possible now and the best possible tomorrow!


Imagine if you had the tools and the power to set your children off to the best start and to maximize optimal brain development! The kind that would influence their every relationships! Those with you, with family, friends, and even with their future spouse!  The kind that would make learning easier, more fun, and enjoyable! The tools that would set them off to a brighter future, reaching limits you could never even dream of! The power to give them the gift of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health and wellbeing! What if you could slow down the aging process? What if you could help your child prevent autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, or heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s? Would our little ones have a stronger chance at life?


It is all so interconnected… from the moment of conception… through every interaction, experience, and through your child’s lifestyle! Yes, YOU have the POWER to make a GREATER difference in the lives of our children! YOU have the tools you need within YOU! Together we can embrace your strengths and discover new ones!


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