Today, we are excited to share a truly heartfelt moment that unfolded during Emily and Mark’s recent adventure in the world of baby shopping. It’s one of those stories that remind us of the pure magic in everyday life and teach us simple tricks that can go a long way!

Dear Diary,


Today was a day of exploration, discovery, and an unexpected burst of warmth in our hearts. Mark and I were on a mission to select the best mobile for our baby’s crib, but what we found was so much more than just nursery decor.

As we wandered through the baby store, surrounded by an array of colors and shapes, we stumbled upon the crib mobile section. There were so many darn adorable mobiles! Wouldn’t they make the nursery look so perfect?! Now, I must admit, I had never given much thought to mobiles before. They always seemed like cute but somewhat ordinary nursery items. Little did I know, we were about to uncover the secret to choosing the perfect mobile.

It’s all about perspective.


You see, the key to selecting the right mobile for your little one is to view it from their eyes, literally. Our baby will spend countless moments lying in the crib, gazing up at the mobile from below. Have you ever looked at the bottom of a mobile? It’s like looking at the bottom of a shoe! All the good stuff is up top! Oh no, no, no! No idea! So what did we do?!  Mark and I decided to become kids ourselves for a while.

In the middle of the store, Mark stretches out on the floor, his head supported by his hands, while I held a mobile above him, imagining it from our baby’s viewpoint. There we were, two adults acting like children, giggling and playing with sheer abandon. It was a moment of pure joy. Hey at least the people walking by us got a good laugh! 

And then, something magical happened. Our baby, snug and warm within me, decided to join the fun. With a sudden, enthusiastic kick, our little one reminded us of their presence. It was as if they were saying, “I’m here, and I’m part of this too!” In that instant, our hearts swelled with love and anticipation.

Mark’s eyes sparkled as he reached out to gently touch my belly, connecting with the life growing inside me. It was an extraordinary moment of unity, a reminder of the beautiful journey we’re on together.

This simple day of mobile shopping turned into a cherished memory, teaching us that parenting isn’t just about making the right choices for our baby; it’s about savoring the little, unexpected moments that bring us closer to them.

Each day brings us closer to meeting our baby. And while the path ahead may still be filled with uncertainty, we’ve learned that the beauty of this journey lies in the connection we share, the laughter we embrace, and the love that continues to grow.


Until next time, dear diary.

Warmest wishes,


Oh dear Emily and Mark! Your day at the baby store brings so much warmth to our hearts! They remind us that knowledge is power and that little shifts can make a big difference in our little ones! 

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