Today, we have an inspiring journal entry from Emily, our cherished mom-to-be, that we can all relate to as parents. Come play with us as Emily meets a wise mom who shares incredibly helpful advice!

Dear Diary,


Today was an absolute delight! I decided to take a breather from my usual routine and spent some much-needed quality time at the park. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – a warm, gentle sun kissing my skin, and a refreshing breeze dancing through the trees.

As I nestled onto a cozy park bench, I couldn’t help but notice a fellow mom nearby. Her vivacious 4-year-old was having the time of their life, swinging high into the sky with an infectious laughter that filled the air. The sight brought an instant smile to my face.

Soon enough, this woman and I started chatting. There’s something magical about the connection you feel with other parents who provide support and understanding on this journey! “Oh no, you have to leave,” I said. “Your little one is not gonna want to go!” She mentioned that kiddos can learn to cope with transitions, some better than others, but that there is lots we can do to support them. Would you like to hear? 

I definitely leaned in for this one! I want to soak up all the good tips!!!  

So I just figure that pure bliss, like playtime at the park, to the less exhilarating but necessary parts of the day must be super hard for a kid! It’s a universal struggle, isn’t it? Then she went on to share a piece of advice that struck a chord deep within me.

“Emily,” she said, “imagine this: you’re engrossed in your favorite TV show or glued to the edge of your seat during the climax of an intense sports game. Suddenly, someone walks in, reaches for the remote, and clicks the TV off. They announce it’s time to run errands, and it’s non-negotiable – right now! You literally want to cry! WHAT? But I need to see who is going to win this game, so you get sad or upset! Then you are told not to cry. Hmmm.”

Her analogy hit home like a lightning bolt of understanding. In that moment, I felt the frustration of being pulled away from something exciting and captivating. It was a scenario that resonated deeply with the child in me. I would probably kill someone if I got pulled at the last minute of a football championship! 

But what she revealed next was so simple and what seemed so obvious that we often forget to do with kids. “Sweetie,” she’d tell her child, “you’ve got ten more minutes of playtime, and then it’s time to pack up. I know I know, you are having so much fun! So keep having fun! You still have ten minutes! We would keep talking and she would check her watch. “Aria,” she said, “you have five minutes. Ugh, it must be so upsetting to have to go. I understand. But we have to leave in five minutes,” and then little Aria would get one last warning, “Aria, two more minutes and then we have to head home to make dinner because it is getting late.” I know it’s tough to stop having fun, but remember, we will be back.”

Aria wasn’t pleased, but it did the trick! Her mother hugged her when it was time to go, praised her for being understanding, and reminded her they would be back and had to go make dinner. She even hopped out of the park so that Aria could keep on having fun! 

The simplicity of the idea was mind-boggling, yet its potential impact was profound. It was as if this woman had handed me a key to unlocking a smoother, more harmonious parenting journey. I felt excited, grateful, and genuinely moved by her insight.

So journal, I had to write this one down right away! I am excited at the idea of doing things a little different from the way things were when I was a kid! I am aligning with this idea and realize that there is so much value in shifting!  It’s these golden nuggets of wisdom and heartfelt connections with other parents that make this adventure all the more thrilling.

As I watched all the children, their laughter blending with the joyful sounds of the park, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Today was a reminder that, through sharing our experiences and insights, we enrich not only our own lives but also the lives of others on this incredible journey.


With enthusiasm and profound thanks,


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