The heartwarming and candid journal entry of Mark, Emily’s better half. With his wit, charm, and genuine love for his growing family, Mark ponders the complexities and challenges of impending fatherhood. Dive in to explore his journey of self-reflection.

Dear Me, 


You know, being a soon-to-be-dad has its moments. One second I’m elated at the idea of playing catch in the backyard, teaching my little one all the dad jokes in my arsenal (and trust me, it’s vast). The next, I’m sinking in an overwhelming sea of ‘What-ifs.’ 

It hit me today. We’re bringing a whole new person into this world! Why doesn’t this come with a manual? I mean, we get one when we buy a toaster. A TOASTER! Yet, for the most intricate and important job on the planet, it’s as if society says, “Good luck! Hope you’ve been taking notes.”

Em’s been trying to get me to read these baby books. Frankly, the sheer volume of them scares me. They’re thicker than the pizzas I love! (Note to self: Cut down on pizzas). But in all seriousness, why is there not a more streamlined approach? Why are we expected to piece together fragments of information like a jigsaw puzzle and hope we get it right?

Watching Emily, with her beautiful, radiant maternal glow, diving deep into every tiny detail – I can’t help but admire her dedication. And then, there’s me. I wish there was someone who could just give it to me straight – like a personal guide through this. Why are we, as parents, left to scramble, guess, and second-guess?

It dawned on me: If parenthood is so natural, then why is there so much pain and confusion surrounding it? Sure, there’s joy – heck, I’ve never felt happiness like I do imagining holding my little one. But I’ve also seen the struggles, the tears, the challenges that parents and children face. If we’re meant to just “know” what to do, why are there so many missteps?

The weight of it all sometimes feels unbearable. What if I’m not enough? What if I can’t provide the guidance, love, and strength my child needs? What if I let down Emily, the love of my life, who’s put so much trust in me?

But here’s the thing. Deep down, beneath all these layers of fear, I believe. I believe there has to be a way, a method, a guide, something that ensures more joy than not. We shouldn’t have to accept the “it is what it is” attitude or the idea that we’re just thrown into the deep end to learn how to swim. We deserve more, and so do our kids.

So, to the universe, if you’re listening: Help me find that way, that light. Because I want nothing more than to be the best dad I can be, not just for the laughter and the good times, but for the challenges and the tough conversations. I want to be prepared. And I know there’s an answer out there.


Hoping for clarity,


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