Emily shares her experiences of navigating a stressful day at work while carrying the weight of how stress might be affecting her growing baby. It’s a candid glimpse into the real-world challenges that many of us face, and we’re honored to have Emily open up about her thoughts and feelings and how she managed to find peace amidst the chaos of her day.

Dear Diary,

 What a day it’s been. I’m writing this with a mixture of exhaustion and a longing for calm that seems just out of reach. The hustle and bustle of work hit me like a ton of bricks today, and my mind feels like it’s been on overdrive since dawn. I found myself in a flurry of meetings, emails, and deadlines, and all the while, a nagging worry kept tugging at the back of my mind – the impact of stress on our baby.

As if pregnancy wasn’t enough to juggle, right? Stress, that silent and sneaky guest, decided to make its grand entrance just when I least expected it. It’s like a shadow that follows me around, reminding me of the stakes and the tiny life that’s depending on me. With every high-pressure moment at work, I can’t help but wonder: Am I inadvertently passing on my stress to our baby?

I’ve heard about the effects of stress on pregnancy – the potential link to preterm labor, developmental concerns, and the overall well-being of the baby. It’s like there’s a magnifying glass on every emotion I feel, amplifying the worries that come with the territory. And on days like today, when the to-do list seems endless and time is racing against me, those concerns can feel overwhelming.

During a quick break, I found myself scrolling through my phone, seeking a moment of solace amidst the chaos. That’s when I stumbled upon a post shared by Dr. Molano, and it was like a lifeline cast out to me. She spoke about a simple breathing technique that could help alleviate stress – a technique that didn’t require a meditation cushion or an hour of my time.

It was as easy as slowing down my breath and placing my focus on my heart. Just a minute of tuning into my breath and connecting with my heartbeat – a simple exercise that felt like a warm embrace in the midst of a storm. I decided to give it a shot, closing my eyes and taking a deep inhale, letting my breath fill my chest and then exhaling slowly. With each breath, I imagined a sense of calm washing over me, like a gentle wave that carried away my worries.

And you know what, diary? It worked. Within moments, I felt a shift. The racing thoughts began to settle, and that relentless tightness in my chest started to loosen its grip. It was like I’d stumbled upon a hidden oasis within myself – a sanctuary of stillness amidst the chaos. With every inhale and exhale, I felt a little more grounded, a little more in control.

That brief respite reminded me that I have the power to steer the course, even when life seems to have its own plans. It’s like I’ve been given a tool to navigate the stress, to create moments of calm that not only benefit me but also extend to our baby. It’s a gift, really – a reminder that taking care of myself is intertwined with taking care of our growing family.


As I write this, I’m reminded that even on the most challenging days, there are pockets of serenity waiting to be discovered. And as I rub my belly, I know that our baby can feel my touch, my intentions, and maybe even the traces of that newfound calm. It’s a reminder that amidst the hustle, there’s always a way to pause, to breathe, and to choose the kind of energy I want to share with our baby.

Until next time, I’ll hold on to that soothing breath, knowing that it’s a lifeline I can call upon whenever the storm of stress rages. And who knows, maybe I’ll find more moments of tranquility hidden within the chaos.


Take care,


Emily’s journey serves as a reminder that we’re never alone in our experiences. She’s a beacon of honesty and vulnerability, sharing her insights with the hope that they resonate with you.

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