Emily opens up about a challenge that many couples face – a simple disagreement that takes an unexpected turn. But there’s more to this story than just the challenges of communication. Emily’s experience introduces a concept that many of us can relate to – the fear of not being on the same page as we venture into parenthood. 

Join Emily as she walks you through the ups and downs of a day that left her and her husband, Mark, on different wavelengths. It’s a candid and relatable account of the realities of pregnancy, complete with the added layer of those infamous pregnancy hormones.

Dear Diary,


Today was a different kind of challenge. Mark and I had a disagreement – one of those moments where you feel like you’re on completely different wavelengths. I guess it’s bound to happen, but it still caught me off guard. Pregnancy hormones certainly don’t help matters, that’s for sure.

It all started with something so simple – deciding on the color for the nursery. You’d think choosing a shade of paint wouldn’t be such a big deal, but here we were, at odds over whether it should be a soft blue or a warm beige. I found myself getting more frustrated than I’d like to admit, and I could sense Mark’s annoyance growing too.

I guess it wasn’t really about the color itself. It was more about how it felt like we weren’t really listening to each other. It was as if our differing opinions had triggered something deeper – a fear of not being on the same page as we venture into this new chapter of parenthood.

We took a break, both of us needing some space to cool off. And in those moments of solitude, I found myself reflecting on something one of my therapists shared with me – the importance of finding alignment within ourselves before attempting to connect with others. It’s a concept that had never really clicked until now.

As I took a few deep breaths and centered myself, I realized that I was carrying more than just the nursery color argument with me. I was carrying the weight of my own worries, fears, and insecurities. The nursery was just the trigger, but the emotions behind it ran much deeper.

When Mark and I finally sat down to talk, we approached it differently this time. Instead of diving into the discussion with our conflicting views, we each took a moment to share what was going on within us. I told him about my worries about becoming parents, about wanting everything to be perfect for our little one. And he shared his own concerns and fears too.

It was eye-opening, really. Because as we laid our feelings bare, we realized that we were more in sync than we thought. We both wanted the best for our baby, and our disagreements were stemming from a place of love and concern. It was like a fog had lifted, revealing the heart of the matter beneath the surface.

That’s when it hit me – finding alignment within ourselves before engaging in a discussion with someone else is like creating a solid foundation. It’s about acknowledging our own feelings and fears, addressing them, and then coming together with a clearer perspective. It’s not about suppressing our opinions or pretending we don’t have disagreements. It’s about approaching those disagreements with understanding and compassion.

As Mark and I continued our conversation, we found ourselves working towards a compromise that felt right for both of us. It wasn’t about one person winning and the other losing. It was about finding a middle ground that honored our individual perspectives and our shared journey.

I write this with a sense of gratitude – grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow together, even when things don’t go as smoothly as we’d like. I’m grateful for the therapists who have shared their wisdom with me, helping me see things from a new angle.

As I close this entry, I’m reminded that disagreements are a natural part of any relationship. But it’s how we approach and navigate them that truly matters. And in those moments of discord, there’s always the potential for deeper connection and understanding, if we’re willing to listen and find alignment within ourselves first.

Until next time, diary, I’ll carry this lesson with me – a reminder that every challenge holds the possibility of growth.


With love,


Emily’s journey is a testament to the power of understanding, compassion, and growth within relationships. It’s a reminder that challenges, even disagreements, can lead to deeper connections if we approach them with an open heart.

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