Unveiling her unique perspective on an enchanting parenting practice that’s as simple as it is profound which does wonders in developing your child’s language skills, building the architecture of the brain, and many many more advantages!

Dear Diary,


Today felt like stumbling upon a hidden treasure of ideas – a bit like stepping into a world of boundless possibilities. Something called “narrative parenting” crossed my path, and it ignited a mix of excitement and uncertainty within me. The concept is surprisingly simple: talking to our little one about everything we do, see, and experience throughout the day. It sounds fascinating, right? But as I delved into it, I realized it’s like venturing into unfamiliar terrain. I don’t know if I quite understand…

Picture this – me describing my actions as if I’m weaving a story: “See, little one, I’m pouring tea, and the steam curls like a gentle wisp of cloud.” Hmmm… interesting! Essentially, it’s about providing a continuous commentary on the moments that make up life, with the intention of nurturing our baby’s language development among other things. Yet, I must confess, it feels a little strange. I mean, who narrates their own life like that?

Then, I realized, perhaps it’s not solely about the words; it’s about forging connections. I’m sitting here thinking I will have to wait until my baby is born to try this out, but then it dawned on me that our baby can already hear my voice, even from within my belly. They’re acquainted with the rhythm of my speech, the melody of my expressions. They’re familiar with me even before our official meeting. That is pretty magical! 

As I pondered this, I recognized the potential hidden within this seemingly peculiar practice. It’s not just about me talking to myself; it’s about sharing moments, establishing bonds, and allowing our baby to take the reins of communication in their own extraordinary way. It’s like crafting a secret language only we two understand.

And yet, a shadow of doubt crept in! Ugh! That seems to happen a lot! Doubts and fears! Could I uphold this consistently? Would I remember to narrate even when it feels a bit unconventional? It’s like learning another language! EEEK!  But then, the thought of being part of our baby’s journey, right from the start, stirred a delightful flutter in my heart.

Maybe I can start by describing how my fingers dance across the keyboard or how the sun paints enchanting patterns on the wall. How refreshing water tastes when it touches my lips on a hot day and how soothing it feels. I could try something much more simple, like how one leg goes into my bright red pants first and then other. Like infusing a sprinkle of magic into the ordinary, weaving each fleeting instant into the fabric of our shared existence.

Here’s to embracing the whimsical and the unknown, to creating stories that are uniquely ours. Here’s to the soft echoes of affection that our baby will hear, even before they step into our world. And here’s to embarking on the journey of narrating the chapters of our lives, painting them with words and the promise of our intertwined voyage.


Till we meet again,


Embark on the journey of narrative parenting with Emily and unlock the magic of connection and communication. Discover how this simple yet profound practice can foster deeper bonds and lay the foundation for your baby’s language development.

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