Emily candidly shares her thoughts after an eye-opening lunch with coworkers who opened up about the challenges and changes that come with being a parent. She’s on the brink of a new chapter, pondering how her life will evolve once her little one arrives. Her inner dialogue touches on the delicate balance between nurturing her own aspirations and embracing the journey of motherhood.

Dear Diary,


Sometimes, I find myself lost in a sea of thoughts, each wave carrying with it a mix of excitement and uncertainty. Today was one of those days when a simple conversation left me questioning everything I thought I knew about parenthood. As I sit here, pen in hand, I’m not sure if I’m more confused or determined to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead.

It all started innocently enough – a lunch break with a few coworkers, each one a seasoned parent with tales of sleepless nights, tantrums, and the chaos that seems to accompany raising kids. They laughed and shared anecdotes, and while their stories were amusing, a gnawing feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. Is parenting really as daunting as they make it sound?

I’ve always imagined becoming a mother as this beautiful, life-altering experience. And don’t get me wrong – I’m beyond excited to meet my little one and embark on this incredible journey. But as I listened to their tales, I couldn’t help but wonder if my world was about to be turned upside down in a way I never anticipated.

The thought of giving up my life as I know it – impromptu coffee dates with friends, lazy weekends, even solo travel – it’s a lot to process. Will every moment be consumed by diapers, feedings, and the seemingly never-ending responsibilities of parenthood? I want to be the best mom I can be, but I also want to retain a sense of self and the things that bring me joy.

But here’s the thing that tugs at my heart – the guilt that accompanies these thoughts. It feels almost selfish to even entertain the idea of wanting time for myself or craving the occasional getaway. After all, I’ve longed for this role and the joy of nurturing a little one. Shouldn’t that be enough?

And then there are those gurus – the ones who proclaim that we have the power to rewrite our stories, to reshape our experiences. It’s an empowering concept, one that resonates deep within me. But it’s also a concept that’s hard to fully grasp. How do I shift my perspective when I’m bombarded with stories of exhaustion and overwhelm? Is it really possible to be a parent and still nurture my own dreams and desires?

As I sit here, I’m struck by a longing – a yearning for someone who can guide me through this maze of emotions and uncertainty. Someone who can help me find that delicate balance between being a devoted parent and still being true to myself. I want to learn how to weave my passions and aspirations into this new chapter of motherhood, to create a life that’s both fulfilling for me and enriching for my little one.


Till next time,


Emily’s journey is a testament to the power of embracing change while staying true to yourself. At LumiTot, we recognize that your path as a parent is an evolution, and we’re here to provide you with guidance and support every step of the way.

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