Emily and Mark had a difficult dinner with Claudia and Sam that left their wheels turning! Today, we bring you a raw and honest glimpse into Claudia’s world, where challenges, doubts, and the longing for solutions collide.

Step into Claudia’s shoes as we learn about her personal struggle to find balance, connection, and meaning amidst the daily chaos of raising her two spirited children while feeling judged and embarrassed in a world that can be difficult to manage.

Dear Diary,


Where do I even begin? Recently I had dinner with Emily and Mark and it felt like an avalanche of emotions – a stark reminder of how much I’ve lost control of this ship called parenthood.  I can’t believe I am still ruminating about this. To the outside world, I’m sure our family seems happy and lively, but behind the facade, my heart feels heavy, my nerves are shot, and the days seem like an endless loop of battles.

Our dinner together unveiled a truth I’ve been trying to hide – the chaotic reality of my family life. It’s a reality where my two adorable kids, full of energy and curiosity, have also become my greatest source of anxiety and frustration. Every attempt at discipline, every effort to instill structure, feels like a never-ending power struggle.This is why we never go out to dinner with friends anymore! Well, we don’t go many places for that matter! 

The dinner unfolded against the backdrop of their constant chatter and relentless squabbles. The bickering, the screaming, the disregard for rules – it was all there, amplified for everyone to see. I could feel the weight of their behavior, the unease of wondering what Emily and Mark must think of me as a parent.

As Emily’s eyes met mine during those moments of chaos, I caught a glimpse of understanding, a flicker of empathy. But it only heightened the knot in my stomach, the knot that grows larger with each day that slips away without progress.

For a while now, I’ve watched Sam be the “fun” parent – the one who can make them laugh and enjoy carefree moments. And it stings, Diary, it really does. It stings because I feel like the “bad” parent, the one who has to enforce rules and set boundaries. I know they resent me for it, and honestly, sometimes I resent myself for it too.

The screens, Diary – they’re a double-edged sword. It’s true that they provide a temporary reprieve, a rare moment of silence in a household that’s constantly buzzing. But they’ve also become a crutch, a desperate attempt to grasp at fleeting moments of peace. When the chaos becomes too much to bear, screens offer a semblance of control – even if it’s an illusion.

And here’s the truth, Diary, the one that gnaws at me every day – I don’t want to be the parent who relies on screens to pacify her kids. I want more for them, more for us as a family. I want dinners where conversations flow naturally, where connections deepen, where we bond over shared stories and laughter.

As Emily and Mark left tonight, I was left with a sinking feeling – a mixture of helplessness and determination. I want to find alternatives, to uncover the magic of parenting that doesn’t involve constant battles and raised voices. But where do I start? How do I find my way back to the path I envisioned for us?

The weight of it all is heavy, Diary, a burden that sits on my chest as I lay down to sleep each night. I yearn for guidance, for wisdom that can lead us out of this labyrinth of frustration. I want to instill values, boundaries, and connections that will stand the test of time. I want to look back on these years with pride, knowing that we navigated the challenges and emerged stronger, more connected.


Until next time,


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