Step into Emily’s shoes as she navigates a dinner party with friends Claudia and Samuel, facing an unexpected conundrum that casts a new light on the screen time debate.

Dear Diary,


Tonight was, well, something I can’t quite put into words. A rollercoaster of irritation, frustration, and, dare I say, disappointment. We joined Claudia and Samuel for dinner, thinking we’d share pleasant conversation and bond over our shared anticipation of parenthood. Little did I know, we were in for a crash course on what not to do.

Their kids – a two-year-old and a five-year-old – were glued to their iPads for the entire evening. I couldn’t help but exchange incredulous glances with Mark as the kiddos ignored their surroundings, engrossed in their digital realms. Sounds of loud cartoons blended with our adult conversations, created a surreal and incredibly uncomfortable atmosphere. We would have been better staying home!!!

And there we sat, Mark and I, trying to engage in meaningful discussion while our hosts’ children screamed, giggled, and swiped away with reckless abandon. I could feel my annoyance growing with every passing minute. What happened to real conversations? To eye contact and genuine connections? Were Claudia and Samuel so lost in their digital haze that they couldn’t see the chaos around them?

Perhaps I was being harsh, but the situation hit a nerve. It felt like an embodiment of my fears – a vision of the family I desperately hoped to avoid becoming. Yet, here we were, witnessing firsthand the consequences of allowing screens to dominate family interactions.

As we left their home, my anger simmered, replaced by a disheartening realization. Claudia and Samuel weren’t ignorant; they were trapped in a cycle they likely yearned to break. The glances they exchanged as their children yelled over each other spoke volumes. They were struggling too, feeling the weight of guilt, embarrassment, and the nagging sensation that they were failing as parents.

Still, as much as I understood their plight, I couldn’t shake the frustration. Why were they choosing screens over genuine connections? Couldn’t they see that these precious moments were slipping away, replaced by the cold glow of technology? But perhaps I was missing the point. Maybe they didn’t see a choice at all; they were doing what they felt necessary to keep the peace.

Driving home, the tension between Mark and me was palpable. We both felt the weight of the evening, the unease of witnessing a scenario we vowed to avoid. Yet, as much as I wanted to blame Claudia and Samuel, a sense of empathy tugged at my heart. They were navigating their own challenges, just as we would be soon enough.

With every frustration comes an opportunity to learn and grow. As we approach parenthood, I’m beginning to understand that it’s not about judging others but about embracing our own journey. And while the pull of screens is a real concern, I’m determined to find our balance – to cherish the moments that technology can’t replicate.

With conflicted emotions and a longing for understanding,


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