Nurture the Pregnancy and the First Five Years and
Unlock a Lifetime of Limitless

Discover how our program guides you to:

  • Decrease tears, tantrums, and meltdowns
  • Minimize and prevent psychiatric and physical illness across the lifespan
  • Provide the best foundation for optimal learning
  • Improve your child’s sleep and set sleep schedules from the start
  • Learn and understand the speed of your child’s unique development
  • Instill habits and a lifestyle that supports life long brain functioning and overall health
  • Strengthen social and emotional functioning and the parent child relationship
  • Improve nutrition and gut health to help children reach their full potential
  • Understand and attune to your child’s cues
  • Implement movement and exercise to support the brain
  • Identify developmental delays and sensory issues using objective data
  • Make parenting FUN!
  • Develop a growth mindset and find inspiration and alignment in the parenting journey
  • Improve the environment and surroundings for improved brain health
  • Understand how early life experiences affect genes
  •  Learn to self-regulate and co-regulate with your child
  • Understand how the subconscious is programmed and its effect on your child’s belief system and behaviors
  • Implement strategies that increase communication and listening skills
  • Enhance play activities that build better brains and strengthen relationships
  • Feel more confident as a parent and make exceptional decisions that are best for your family
  • Identify concerns that may interfere with your parenting journey
  • Minimize your child’s physical and emotional illness
  • Find parenting answers to most parenting concerns
  • Ensure your child thrives well into adulthood and old age

This comprehensive journey unfolds across four essential phases: insight, introspection, implementation, and integration. As you progress, you’ll not only gain valuable knowledge, but also reflect on what truly resonates with you. This understanding will seamlessly blend into practical application within your family. And as you continue, you’ll carry forth these positive changes, extending the goodness from your home into your wider community.

Discover the Essence of Our Program

Nine Module Parenting Quest:
Mapping the Blueprint for Mastery

Access to your nine module digital course designed to empower you using the revolutionary Lumitot Method. Dive into eight critical pillars of child development to unlock your child’s limitless potential, including:

Brain Development
Social and Emotional Development
Intellectual and Cognitive Functing
Nutrition and Gut Health
Environmental Factors
Movement and Exercise
Stress Reduction

In module nine, we take it to the next level! We’ll guide you in integrating all that you’ve learned, empowering you to create a personalized lifestyle blueprint that aligns perfectly with your family’s unique needs and values. This blueprint will be your compass, guiding you through parenting’s joys and challenges for years to come!”

With 24/7 access to your content, you can take the program anytime, anywhere, and from the comfort of your own space. Stay motivated and track your progress as you Master the Art of Parenting

The Parenting Collective

Access to the LumiTot App and , your ultimate parenting companion! . Connect with like-minded parents and expert LumiTot members in our private community. Share your parenting journey, celebrate victories, and seek support during challenging times. Our exclusive space fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for all members to thrive together. Whether it’s sharing heartwarming photos, inspiring videos, or thought-provoking posts, our community is a hub for inspiration, growth, and connection. Join us now to embark on this rewarding journey of parenthood hand-in-hand with a community that truly understands and supports you

Share The Journey
Companion Pass for Your Loved One

Enroll in our program and unlock a special opportunity to share the journey of empowered parenting with a loved one actively involved in the care of your little one. With a complimentary second license, you and your partner, spouse, or child’s caregiver can embark on this transformative experience together. By involving your loved one in the program, you’ll forge unbreakable bonds and open up new channels of understanding and support. Together, you’ll create a powerful and unified foundation for your child’s current and future success, nurturing a harmonious family dynamic that resonates far beyond the home.

Parenting on the Go: The Podcast Edition

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our online parenting course, now accessible on your favorite podcast app! Tune in anytime, anywhere, and on the go, transforming your daily activities into powerful moments for learning, growth, and discovery. Step into a transformation journey that adapts to your busy lifestyle and learning preference! 


Wonderlabs brings parents together for engaging group video calls filled with discovery and growth. Explore a world of knowledge as you ask questions, learn something new, and connect with other parents. Join our interactive activities and create wonderful memories with your child. Step into Wonderlabs and embrace the joy of learning and the power of community!

Illumination Hub

Access captivating replays of our expert-led Wonderlabs sessions 24/7. Delve into a treasure trove of knowledge, parenting tips, and creative activities. Join us on an enchanting journey of discovery and empowerment, all from the comfort of your home. Embrace the brilliance of shared experiences and illuminate your parenting path with wonder!

Sixty Minute: Brilliance Onboarding Session

Ready to embark on your parenting journey? This exclusive one-hour, personalized session is your invaluable starting point. You will have 60 minutes with a LumiTot expert, where we will ignite your brilliance and set you on the path to parenting mastery. Together, we’ll craft a tailored roadmap, providing you with a starting framework

Sixty Minute Midway Momentum Session

In this personalized 60 minute one-on-one experience, we will explore how far you have come and empower you with renewed energy and nurturing support. Continue to receive expert guidance, tailored support, and a renewed sense of purpose. Whether it is building upon your successes or overcoming hurdles, this invaluable session sets the stage for the next chapter in your parenting journey!

Sixty Minute Parenting Excellence Finale

Celebrate your parenting journey in this grand finale transformative one-hour session. We will reflect on your progress, finalize your blueprint, and equip you for years of successful parenting ahead. This session marks the empowering conclusion of our program, leaving you fully prepared to navigate parenthood with confidence and excellence.

Parenting Showcase: Lights, Camera, Play!

In this engaging aspect of our program, parents and children become the stars as they submit a video of heartwarming playtime moments. Our team of experts will provide personalized and insightful feedback, highlighting your strengths, offering practical guidance to enhance parent-child interactions, and further develop the world of play. Through this fun and enlightening showcase, you’ll gain valuable insights to foster meaningful connections and nurture your child’s cognitive development.

Parenting Showcase: Lights, Camera, Feed!

Lights, Camera, Feed! is our delightful extension of the Parenting Showcase series, where we now focus on capturing the magic of feeding interactions with your child. Feeding is more than just eating; it is about relationships and positive experiences that shape the architecture of the brain and promote overall wellbeing. Just like in our playful video submissions, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase mealtime moments. Our expert team will provide personalized feedback, highlighting strengths and discovering opportunities for growth within the parent-child relationship. 

Developmental Milestones Screener

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive measure designed to track your child’s growth and development. Our expert team will look at your child’s milestones, ensuring they are right on track. Early detection is the key to success. By identifying any potential delays and recognizing their strengths, we provide the support needed to nurture your little one’s progress and well-being.

Sensory Mastery Meter

The significance of sensory systems in development, functioning, and well-being is often overlooked. Sensory processing differences can hinder the acquisition of higher-order skills, impacting behavior, learning, and daily living. Our Sensory Mastery Meter will help us gain a deeper understanding of your child’s sensory processing patterns. This powerful process will identify your child’s sensory strengths and challenges in various contexts, so that we can better understand how they experience the world around them. By identifying how sensory processing impacts their everyday experiences, we can offer tailored support to enhance their everyday life and minimize challenging situations.

Whole Child Expedition

Embark on a captivating adventure with our expert team by your side! Journey with us to illuminate the wonders of your child’s unique growth and development. Our expert team will conduct a personalized review to reveal your child’s strengths and identify areas that may need additional support. This precious insight will deepen our understanding, empowering you to nurture their progress with clarity and confidence.

The Heartfelt Discovery

In this exclusive service, we will embark on a journey to a deeper understanding of your child’s socio-emotional development. Our expert teams will explore the critical aspects of your child’s well-being, from self-regulation and compliance to social-communication, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, and interactions with others. Through this insightful experience, we’ll paint a vivid picture of your child’s socio-emotional landscape, guiding you with valuable information to support their growth. 

Sixty Minute Integrated Feedback Session

Join us for a transformative 60-minute session where we bring together the wealth of information you’ve provided to gain deeper insights into your child’s growth journey. Our expert team will meticulously integrate feedback from video submissions, screeners, and all relevant individualized data collected, crafting a comprehensive analysis. During this personalized session, you’ll receive a detailed and cohesive verbal and written feedback highlighting your child’s strengths, progress, and areas that may need further support. Together, we’ll chart a course to nurture their full potential, building a solid foundation for their future success.

The Illuminated Parenting Academy

Our Illuminated Parenting Academy will empower parents to accelerate their parenting mastery under expert guidance. Our 8 private mentorship sessions will propel you on an exceptional journey, guiding you to become a master in each pillar. Flourish in every aspect of parenthood as you gain valuable insights and confidently nurture your child’s development and experience a personal transformation that sparks joy and fulfillment. This enlightening opportunity will redefine your parenting journey, unlocking a lifetime of limitless possibilities for you and your child. 

Monthly Mastermind with Dr. Molano

Elevate your parenting brilliance in an intimate and exclusive setting with our Monthly Mastermind led by Dr. Molano. Join a select group of like-minded parents on a transformative journey, meeting monthly for a year of empowerment and growth. In this coveted mastermind, Dr. Molano shares invaluable insights, personalized coaching, and expert guidance to further enhance your parenting finesse. Nurture harmonious family dynamics and unleash your child’s full potential, surrounded by a supportive community of exceptional parents.

Live Virtual Infant Massage Class


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Live Virtual Infant Massage Class


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